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This page is currently undergoing several changes, which may include the addition or removal of several items.

It is important to note that demons are a reserved race, and are not always open for creation. They are currently unavailable for play.


The word demon itself originates from daemonos the Elvish word for malevolent spirit. It is a more accurate name than they knew at the time, as demonic creatures are universally wicked. Some might learn a little towards neutrality and self-serving but for the most part they are wicked creatures that delight in the torment and suffering of others, attaining power, destruction and disarray. They are also unredeemable. Once a demon has turned, purity will result only in their destruction.

History and Origins

The true origin of demons is unknown to historians. It is speculated that their presence started in what is today the Blightlands, but the most likely of places are too demon-infested for scholars to investigate. Only a few campaigns that ventured into the Blight have returned, and without anything of substance but horror stories.

On an OOC note:

The origin of demons was an accident. An alchemist was trying to find a way to manipulate emotion and magic simultaneously so that the power of emotions could affect the physical world around them. It worked a little too well. The inherent wickedness lurking within mortals manifested physically and quickly began swallowing everything around it. People morphed into monstrous creatures. Plants died or were warped into hellish tentacle monstrosities. This corruption spread throughout the world, but lingers now only within the Blightlands.

Despite the most valiant efforts of the forces of good, only direct divine intervention put an end to the demons’ reign. The gods—even Oma (begrudgingly) banded together and created another existence within the Void, a plane they dubbed the Inferno. They banished the majority of the demons there, and sealed it shut. The remnants in what is today the Blightlands are low-ranking leftovers or have been summoned by outside forces.

Universal Strengths and Weaknesses

These are strengths and weaknesses regardless of your demon's subspecies

All demons are immortal and very difficult to truly kill. Ending one’s life on the material plane simply sends its essence back to the inferno, as with all extraplanar creatures. They do not age and do not need to do things like eat, sleep or drink. They are also invulnerable to lesser magic spells (with the obvious exception of holy magic.) They are stronger and faster than the average humanoid.

Persecution is its own vulnerability. If they catch wind of what you are, you ‘’will’’ die. If a demon finds themselves among mortals, anonymity is their best safety. Aside from the demon being stupid enough to reveal themselves, the only way to effectively catch one is through the cleric spell ‘’Detect Demon’’ which every cleric of every god can cast. Holy spells (even those cast by clerics of evil deities) do twice the harm of a regular spell. Hallowed or consecrated ground is also off-limits to demons, regardless of the deity it is dedicated to. One step there and poof, it’ll Winifred Sanderson your demonic butt right back to the Inferno.

Another OOC note. If someone is metagaming to detect you, message an administrator for review.


Fiends Imps Devils Hellhounds Devourers Succubi/incubi Infernal Lords Hell bats

Demon Blood and it's Effects

Demon blood is toxic to ‘’every species’’, but the effects vary. Drinking a mouthful will kill a nonmagical creature in less than an hour, and coming in contact with it on your skin will burn severely. Vampires: -A vampire under the age of 200 will die like a mortal creature. -A vampire over the age of 200 has numerous options. The drink bring with it a feeling of euphoria, but it also exposes the drinker to demonic corruption. {For every feeding, roll a d10 in the Discord, or message someone to do it for you if you don’t use Discord]. ‘’’If your character becomes corrupted’’’ you have a few options. They will start at say, Corruption level 1, and move up to 5. For every 5 unsuccessful resist corruption rolls, you go up a corruption level. At 3 or higher, your body starts to change and you start to develop demonic strengths and vulnerabilities. From there, you can:

-remain corrupt and turn your character into a demon -try to find some way to purge yourself. Good luck!

Corruption Levels

1. You may feel a little more bloodthirsty or inclined to drink demon blood.
2. Your emotions might get the better of you. You may have nightmares, dark visions, or trouble sleeping. Also impulse control issues, especially impulses that lead to vice or harm of others.
3. Your body starts physically changing. Whether it’s your skin, eyes, hair, it all depends. ‘’This is the point where it becomes harder to purge yourself. Drinker beware.’’
4. You are obviously corrupted now. You’re losing your thirst for all blood but demon, gaining demonic powers, but losing vampire abilities. You will show up under a cleric’s Detect Demon spell.
5. You’re a demon.


Summoning and Other Demon Trafficking

The following items are required to summon a demon.

-a black-flame candle (obtainable only through arcs)
-the demon's summoning scroll (also obtainable only through arcs)
-the blood of a virgin
-the heart of a devout
-an offering (which will be detailed on the scroll)
-dragon bone dust

Demons Today

Playing a Demon