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Created on a whim by the Goddess Evy, the mighty dragons have ruled the skies and mountains in which they roam for longer than written words can document. The Astrals were created first, brought to life by the Goddess of Light in her home, the Aether, they were charged with sculpting the clouds, often into familiar shapes noticed by children. With their success, Evy sent her more curious dragons to find their way in the other planes. Those that settled within the world split off into small clusters, eventually adapting to the world around them and evolving into the Elemental, Gem, and Umbral dragons.


Though dragons come in a wide variety of sizes, most of the same breeds seem to adhere to specific ranges of height, weight and physical features. For more information, please see the #Sub-Species section.





  • Astral: Celestial dragons that live within the Aether, and one of only two types that can shift between planes. Astral dragons come in a variety of shapes and sizes, though all of them are some shade of white or pale yellow; their scales taking on a pearlesque or golden sheen once they've reached adulthood. One defining feature that sets them apart from other dragons is their lack of wings, though this does not keep them grounded. As if light as air, Astrals can soar through the skies just as easily as any other winged creature.

    Astrals are a sleeker form a dragon, and one of the few that do not develop horns at any stage in life. Often they have a strip of hair that runs from the top of their heads and down the length of their spine, ending I a tuft at the end of the tail. Females have longer hair than males, and on rare occasions can be curly.

  • Umbral: Just as majestic as their Astral counterparts, the Umbrals are hauntingly beautiful. With scales in varying shades of deep blues, purples and blacks, these great beasts blend in with the shadows they command, be it in the Underworld plane or the Mortal. The second of two types that can phase from one plane to another; a trait they use to their advantage when in a fight.
  • Elemental
    Chromatic dragons that each have elemental attributes that match their scale colors. Hatchlings of every variation start out pale, their colors deepening with age until the end of adolescents. Though each Elemental is born with their abilities, that does not mean each dragon is equal. Theirs is a gift that requires practice and patients, with a lack of either resulting regression of their power.

Red: The Fire element, these dragons are most often found living in or around volcanoes or deserts where the heat is the strongest. In the middle of summer they might be found farther south, though only for as long as the sweltering heat can keep up with their need for warmth. Reds are the most horn decorated of their kind, with some even having claw-like ones run down their spines like the Astrals' flowing manes.

Yellow: The Electric element, these can be found mostly in the high lands and mid-mountain ranges where the storm clouds tend to stick, though they are not limited by climate like their crimson cousins. Younger yellows have often been found roosting at the edge of the oceans, using their still stunted magics to zap fish for easy food. This same practice is what has lead many to think yellows are the duller of the dragon breeds, as those same adolescents have also been found dead within the waters, having conjured their powers while standing within the very waters their prey sits.

Green: The Earth element, these dragons can be found in forests, fields and even the occasional farm, if the owner has had luck befriending one. Born with the gift of moving the very earth they walk on, Greens have been known to be the perfect gardeners, preferring to stick close to fresh bodies of water where their work will thrive the best. The smallest of the Elementals, these dragons rarely grow past the size of a large horse, though there have been a handful of reports of sightings where one has grown twice that size.

Blue: The Water element, these dragons are always found near some body of water, be it a river, lake or ocean. Long and slender in build, Blues have webbing between their clawed toes, aiding in their ability to swim swiftly through water. Their tails are strong and end in a divided tail, which often can be mistaken for mermaids in the darkness of night. Though they prefer the water, they have been known to trek across plains and even mountains when in search of a mate, these particular dragons being quite picky about their partners.

  • Gem : The smallest of the dragons, these beautifully colored creatures have scales that more closely resemble gemstones, hence their name. Often coveted as prized collectors items, the Gem dragons have learned to avoid those that would cage them, and have retreated deeper into the forest where the touch of 'man' is at a minimum.
  • Draconian : The result of a dragon laying with another breed. There has always been mixed feelings regarding these half-breeds, with the more negative feelings coming from the always proud, pure blood dragons. The most widely varied of the dragon kin, Draconians can take any of the features from their dragon parent, including horns, wings, scales and even claws.