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Following the craft of the First Forge, Barangul created the dwarves, among many other peoples and creatures.


The dwarves are a short, stout, and hardy people averaging ?'??" in height. They are often brown to light tan, with hair of red, brown, or black (with blonde being less seen). Both men and woman can grow impressive beards.


The dwarves lean toward the neutral alignments. They are sturdy, industrious and fair people, that never let their size get in the way of their progress.


Dwarves prefer the mountains, and their cities are sometimes may be built underground or on the surface. As of current, with the exception of the dwarves allied with Rhychstad, most of dwarven society is hidden underground. Each society is often ruled by a patriarchy, but the expectations of women are typically the same as men in matters of work, business, and family.


Barangul is their patron deity. His followers make their homes deep in the ground, dwelling in caves or underground mountain strongholds, and his clerics are some of the finest craftspeople and engineers in all the world.