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Elves, also known as the First People, are the combination of Evy’s beauty with Afara’s affinity for nature. The two goddesses made their god, and from them the elvish people were born.


Elves come in many shapes, sizes, and skin tones. What they have in common are this: pointed ears, lean bodies, and sharp, beautiful features.
Elves are a tall, slender, athletic and beautiful people. They tend to average between 5’6 and 6’0 in height and weigh between 120-180 lbs. Their hair ranges from blond, brown, red, black, and even in some cases orange and copper-colored. The elves are fair and lovely, wondrous to behold physically. Even the orcs, who despise the elves for the most part covet women of elven blood for their slaves. Their eyes range anywhere from blue, violet, hazel, green, gray or even orange. They have slightly pointed ears.


A high elf might see himself as better than other elves. Wood elves, on the other hand, only seek to be one with nature, often taking on Druidism.


While wood elves take on a more primitive role in society, high elves are the very definition of aristocracy.


The high elves can worship any number of deities. Wood elves prefer but are not limited to Afara.


  • High Elves
  • Wood Elves