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The true origins of the fae can be traced back to Evy, the Goddess of Light. In the Aether, she created little wisps of light. Over time, these creatures evolved into small, winged hyuamnoids. Called sprites. Delighted by this development, Evy happily shared these creations with her sister Afara in the Everwild. Today the children of these early extraplanar beings are known as the fae—or fairies.


Faeries are a diverse and versatile bunch. The most well-known and conventional fae are winged humanoids that have two sizes, one around an inch or two tall and the other about four to four and a half feet in height. There are no limits to their appearance, but all are beautiful.

ALL fairies have the ability to produce fairy dust, a valuable spell reagent.
ALL fairies have the ability to cast glamour, an ability that hides or changes their appearance to another’s eyes.
ALL fairies, unless somehow maimed, can fly and change their size at will from large to small and back without issue.
ALL fairies are magically inclined.
ALL fairies are vulnerable to iron and to the wood of the ash tree. To touch ash or iron could cause death at worst, and serious injury at best.


Varies by subspecies


Court of Light[edit]

This is a group of faeries also known as the First Fae. Their home is in the Aether with Evy. While they can be tricky and mischevious, they lack the malicious and cruel streaks often seen in their darker brethren. Fae from the Court of Light are usually fair haired and fair-skinned. They are ruled by the Royal Family of Light, in the Aether and can travel back and forth between there and the material plane.

Court of Shadow[edit]

Basically the opposite of the Court of Light. Naturally, Oma got her hands on some of those sprites (Evy might have even given them to her as a show of generosity), but after enough time in the dark goddess’s company they became as twisted and wicked as she was. The Court of Shadows is a twisted and hedonistic place, with all the political intrigue, backstabbing and power plays a black little heart can desire. This court is ruled by the Queen of Shadows. They tend to have dark hair, gray skin, and are either beautiful or hideous, but not average.

Seasonal Fae[edit]

These sprites made their home in the Everwild, and settled in the different corners of the seasonal world. They are nature spirits, and can often be found throughout the material plane in a climate-appropriate environment. For instance, gatherings of winter fae can be found in cold areas, while gatherings of summer fae have been witnessed dancing around Druids’ fires on May Day. They have a wide range of season-themed spells and magical abilities.


The Court of Light reveres Evy, though fairies don't often take holy vows or build temples or their own. Seasonal fae prefer but are not limited to Afara.
The Court of Shadows has an altar to the Goddess of Night. A lot of them also follow Oma herself.



Nymphs, while they originated as sprites, are not fairies and have none of their abilities or weaknesses. These creatures are nature spirits usually tied to a certain location (ie. Spirits of the lake, dryads, etc.) the most common of them are dryads.

  • Dryad: A dryad has his or her tree somewhere that they are bound to, and can only stray so far from it. If the tree is cut down, the dryad dies. Some dryads are humanoid in shape with green or brown skin and leafy hair, while others prefer to manifest as talking trees. It’s really personal preference. They have a certain degree of nature magic and are genderfluid, since many trees contain both male and female parts.
    The only way dryads reproduce is through pollination. A dryad can have sex with another species if they so desire to, but can only procreate via pollination with another dryad. A dryad with male parts will never get a woman of another species pregnant.
  • Naiad: Humanoid nymphs similar to dryads, except they inhabit specific rivers, springs or waterfalls instead of trees and tend to linger near them. Sometimes helpful, sometimes harmful and often mischievous, these blue-skinned, lovely creatures always make life interesting. They also tend to be very kindly disposed towards men. They are always female. They also have water powers.
    There are naiads in the ocean, also known as Oceanids.
  • Sylph: Sylphs are air spirits. They don’t inhabit any particular place or region. Often they look like wisps, tumbleweeds, or little cyclones, but not always. Sometimes they appear as slender women.