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General Information

Mer is a broad term that refers to any of the many races of sentient creatures that dwell primarily within oceans, lakes or rivers. They are distinguished by their need for submersion in water for at least some of the time to survive. Races included within the mer spectrum include but are not limited to: merpeople, selkies, kelpies, sirens, cacaelia, sea monsters and much more. This section is mostly about merpeople, with specifics of the others listed by their respective races.

Physical Description & Attributes

Merpeople are the primary and most populous race included here. They have two shapes, a seashape and a land shape, and can transition between the two. In both forms they are a serpentine people with blue or green skin, gills, and fins at their forearms and elbows. In their landshape, they have legs. This shape is used more for shallow-water swimming and land-raiding. Their seashape has a humanoid upper torso and the lower body of a fish. Their lungs cease to function in this form, and they can dive deeper.

They are comfortable in most water temperatures, but prefer warm, shallow water. During the winter, they retreat to their cities underwater. During the summer, they swim to the southern and eastern beaches so that the women can birth their young. Young merpeople survive by clinging to their mothers’ hair.

Common Magical Abilities


Mer society is ruled by oracles. Oracles are divine casters meant to guide their people towards prosperity and peace. They can be either male or female, but are usually female. The ruling oracles of any given mer kingdom are treated as royalty. If there aren't any oracles powerful enough, or in certain subcultures, kings and queens rule. Regardless of who is ruling, their subjects are generally loyal.

They are also notable salvagers, and will use anything from ornamental shells, pearls, or pillaged coins as currency. Their primary weapons are tridents and other spears and stabbing weapons. The bravest and most lethal of warriors bond with the great sea serpents and ride them into battle against their enemies.


Relations with Landlubbers & Ships

The Five Great Mer Kingdoms

Other Species of the Sea

  • Cecaelia. Another type of mermaid, but rather than sporting a fish's tail, a cecaelia has the bottom half of an octopus. This means they have eight tentacles, as opposed to scales.
  • Kelpie.
  • Selkie. - selkies are humanoid sea-dwelling shifter types (not to be confused with lycans) that can change back and forth from seal to humanoid form as long as they have their pelt. A selkie’s pelt is a magical part of them, and if someone steals it, the selkie is beholden to them. Selkies are worshipped and coveted for their beauty, and enslaved by all of the land-dwelling races, most particularly the Stormfang orc clan and humans. While some selkies may care for or bond with people, they will always be compelled to return to the water, and will fight to get a stolen pelt back at any cost. They are usually fair-skinned and dark-haired, and frequent colder waters. While lucrative to enslave them, it’s not really economical because if out of the water too long, just like any other sea dweller, they die.
  • Sea monsters - Kin to dragons, these are the masters of the great deep. Running afoul of one could lead to great peril. Including but not limited to krakens, giant squid, sea serpents. Use your imagination.