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Welcome to Realm of the Damned, adventurer! Here, you determine your own story. We recognize that you may be new to forum RP, so the following is a guide to help you get started.

First Things First[edit]

New to the site? Here's a step-by-step guide to follow to get you set up and ready to roleplay!

Sign up with an OOC (out of character) account[edit]

Choose a username to link all your character accounts to. This'll be the name you prefer we call you. For example: Grimscythe, Irilandra, and Vargr are OOC accounts. They are used for posting in the OOC forums, as well as the main link source of your characters. This is for ease of access, and so that you don't have to worry about forgetting a character (trust me, I've done it.) It'll also allow you to switch to that character account with a single click of a button, once the accounts are linked.

Creating your character(s)[edit]

We do not have an application or wiki page requirement for creating a character, nor do we have a character limit. That said, unless you're requesting something like a vampire elder, a dark angel, an angel, or a demon (the latter of which isn't playable at the moment), you don't need admin approval.

It should be noted that characters start at the beginning. Without admin or leader approvals for certain roles, such as nobility or area leadership, most characters are considered commoners. This is not a permanent ranking for them, and they can grow in power--we just want to see it written. An example of this is that all druids begin as neophytes.

There is no limit to the amount of characters you may have; however, only two of them may be an elder vampire. Please see the page regarding Afara's purge of vampirism to better understand why.

Making the character account[edit]

To make the character account for the character you've decided to create, you must log out of your OOC account or current character account. From there, simply repeat the registration process to create the character. We prefer that characters are created with a first and last name, such as: Larewen Dragana, Aleida Aeredeis, Petra Archer, etc.

Linking your OOC account with your characters[edit]

Once you've created a character account, log out of it and back into your OOC account. From there, go to your avatar at the top right of the menu and click your name or photo to open the management menu. Click User Control Panel . From there, scroll down to Linked Accounts and click Account Linking.

The page that loads will ask for the following:

The username of the account you're linking (aka your character name).
That account's password.
Your OOC account's password.

Once you've saved these options, you can click on your avatar or username at the top of the page and click the character name to switch to that account.


One of the things that I (Grimscythe) do is this: I subscribe to all my RPs with my OOC account, as well as those I'm interested in reading. This allows me to receive notifications on my OOC account regarding whether or not it's my turn to post in the RP. Rather than checking discord or logging into each character individually, I'm able to view all of this via notifications on my account.