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This page is currently undergoing several changes, which may include the addition or removal of several items.

General Information

Vampires are a race of higher undead creatures. They originated from Oma, and are some of the most powerful of her “children”. They come from any and every nonmagical humanoid race and vary by age and power level. Generally their skin is pale, their eyes are piercing, and they are stronger and faster than their living counterparts. Vampires survive by drinking the blood of the living with the exception of the very rare crusnik mutation. The blood of magical creatures can be drank, but can do strange or dangerous things to the drinker.


Vampires require the blood of the living to survive. While there are some means to preserve blood once it’s been exsanguinated from a living host, it does not sustain them as well as feeding directly from a living being.

Dragon Blood

Dragons are magical creatures and cannot be turned into vampires. Their half-breed offspring, known as dragonborn, dragonkin or draconians, can also not be turned. While not as toxic as demon blood to the young, the blood of a dragon will kill any vampire that drinks it regardless of age or power level. Dragonborn, though they are half-dragon, has the same effect.

Fae Blood

Faeries of any kind can not be turned into vampires. Their blood allures them, and tastes better than the sweetest wine. It is rumored to boost the drinker’s power temporarily, though whether this is actually true or not, who knows? This also applies to half-fae.

Demon Blood

For a full explanation of the effects of Demon Blood, see the Demons page. Demon blood carries the taint of demonic corruption, and will kill any vampire under the age of 250 that drinks it within an hour. An older vampire won’t die, but risk absorbing the taint of demonic corruption. To the elder, it brings an unmatched euphoria, a calm like no other. Some relate it to being alive again.

Physical Appearance & Attributes

Vampires will look the way they did the moment they were turned. While they might find magical ways to add tattoos, cut their hair, etc, as soon as the sun sets the next evening all of that work will be undone. They have pale skin (if your character is dark-skinned, imagine pallid/sick looking, not whiter), vivid eyes and extended upper canines for piercing flesh. They are physically stronger, faster and more agile than their living counterparts with the exception of lycanthropes. -There is no “human form” vs “vampire form.”

Magical Abilities and Attributes

There is no one magical ability that is universal through all vampires, but any arcane powers that a person turned had in life they would retain in death. Divine powers, on the other hand, will disappear as soon as the person dies (for example, cleric powers, nature powers). A fledgling can attempt to bargain with their god to get them back, but this is not always successful. They also retain any psychic powers they had and may inherit powers through their sire or bloodline.

A note on vampire clerics. The following gods will not revoke their holy powers if their followers are turned into vampires: Akor'Morok, Zagan the Devourer, Ilyira and Oma, as well as the goddess of magic. These are also the only clerics that can become necromancers without risking their deity's wrath.

Known Weaknesses

There are some weaknesses that every vampire regardless of bloodline or age possesses. Besides a stake through the chest or beheading, here are a few ways vampires are vulnerable.

Suffering in Sunlight

The undead are an aberration to Evy, and suffer in the sunlight. While they will not burn to death, they lose quite a bit of their vampiric ability and charm during the daylight hours and are vulnerable to being discovered and killedby the living.

Holy Magic & Artifacts

Holy artifacts of all good-aligned and neutral deities minus the Goddess of Magic are lethal to vampires. If they are touched by one, they will suffer and remain in terrible pain until the object is removed. If in contact for an extended period of time, the vampire will die.

Cleric Spells

Vampires are vulnerable to a cleric’s ability to ‘’Detect Undead’’.

Hallowed Ground

The undead of any sort cannot set food on hallowed ground.


A vampire must be invited before they can enter a private residence. If the invitation is rescinded they will be magically expelled from the building.


It is widely believed that the undead are an aberration, and any discovered by the living are likely to be persecuted and killed.


Vampires were created sometime after the Fall of Oma and have roamed the material plane ever since. The oldest living are no older than 990 (so born mortal before 10 A.B.), as no creatures around remember the Blight. If there were vampires before then, they didn’t survive. ‘’’It may be possible for a current vampire’s sire to remember the Blight, but this will be decided on a case by case basis. Message Irilandra or Grimscythe.’’’

The Purge

Six-hundred years ago, Oma sent an agent to kill a young druid Afara favored—Ailill. The vampire partially succeeded. Ailill was not killed, but turned into one of them. Incensed by the loss of her dedicate, on top of the earlier turning of Ei Insida, she descended upon the world in a thunderous cloud of fury and struck down every vampire she came across. Since then, the vampires have fled to the urban areas, away from the watchful eyes of her creatures—and fearful of drawing her baleful eye a second time.

Elder vampires (those 600+ years of age) are very rare. There is a limit of ‘’two’’ elder vampires per roleplayer, excluding bloodline leaders (Petra Archer, Aleida Aeredeis, etc). Your vampire’s exact age must be listed on your character profile even if it is not a known IC fact.

Vampire Bloodlines

Most of the vampires today come from one of six bloodlines, which have evolved into six houses. The leaders of these bloodlines are the leaders of their vampire houses today and are as follows.


Leader: Petra Archer
Seat of Power: Vivenos - The Hidden Isle, the North Sea, Ilaria
Notable Powers: the ability to summon a qi animal to aid in battle (must roll per the chart), power borrowing, chameleon abilities (blending in with surroundings)

House Archer


Leader: Aleida Aeredeis
Seat of Power: The Cursed City of Veren'dun, The Silent Sea, Ilaria
Notable Powers: Notable Powers: allure (yes, they get prettier when they die), psychic/divining abilities, illusion magic, hydromancy/water affinity, singing (like...compulsion, entracement of other people via song). Necromancy and curses.

House Aeredeis


Leader: Mr Thorne.
Seat of Power: C-city the Wrightwood, Ilaria
Notable Powers: Arcane magic, scholarly and knowledgable, one of the largest seats of knowledge.

House Thorne


Leader: Ei Insida
Seat of Power: None
Notable Powers: Whole and Partial Shapeshifting into an Animal; Shifting into Other Humanoids; dark magic; Communicating with Animals; Animal Empathy; Animal Manipulation

House Insida


Leader: Grayson Caine
Seat of Power: Eventide, Atraea
Notable Powers: Dreamwalking, Telepathy, Memory Manipulation *Must Roll for Strength/Weakness

House Caine


Rogue Vampires

Rogue vampires are vampires that are not descendants of one of those six bloodlines. They are generally unwelcome the lnieaged vampires and are either hunted or recruited depending on orders. It’s not something to flaunt.

‘’Anyone may make a young (>100 years old) vampire of any bloodline. For older vampires, they need to contact the leader of the bloodline and get their approval. The bloodline leaders are.

Petra Archer
Ei Insida
Aleida Aeredeis
Grayson Caine

Vampire Houses

All of the bloodlines have a House that has its own separate page. They will be linked below. There are also covens that aren’t affiliated with one specific lineage.

Vampire Age Timeline

0-10 years - Fledgling
10-100 years - Young
100-250 - Youthful (a little sturdier than young)
250-600 - Vampire
600 + Elder