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It is enough to make the hospital or doctor pay for their deeds when even the slightest of malpractice of medicine occurs. For example, the wrong treatment because of sheer negligence can create a hole where both the doctor and hospital sinks in. So, whenever you are sensing that the doctor or the hospital doesn know what they are doing, it smart to hire a medical malpractice attorney..

"There will be ups and downs, but thanks to everyone, whoever I have played with. Without their contribution it wouldn't really have been possible. All the senior players I played with and who played under me, followed by the youngsters. My arrival in Atlanta lacked appropriate fanfare. No winsome blond belle greeted my plane, delicately boned hand upturned and cupping a gently ripened peach. I noticed the distinct absence of a military band playing a rousing rendition of "Dixie" in time with my heavy footfalls.

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The game also included two plays that could force the league to hand out fines, and it ended with Browns wide receiver Josh Cribbs being carried from the field on a stretcher following another nasty hit. He was taken to a hospital for tests. Cleveland coach Eric Mangini said Cribbs was transported as a precaution..

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